Friday, January 30, 2009

Beat The Train does THAW Radiothon please help

It's hard to believe, but the THAW Radiothon is only 2 weeks away. For the last 2 years has proudly been an active sponsor in this great event and this year is no different. But this year is a little different by where we are asking riders to pay for their time on the bike by asking for donations from outside sources or even themselves. This is all explained below. So please ask friends or coworkers to help your goal of how long you want to peddle to be able to help less fortunate heat their homes this cold winter.

Pedal for Power is a special part of the 2009 WWJ Newsradio 950 Winter Survival Radiothon, taking place at MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit starting at 5 AM on Friday, February 6 and running until the close of the Radiothon at noon on Saturday, February 7, 2009. This year we have a goal to utilize the Pedal for Power program to its fullest potential, by generating donations through the program to support THAW and the radiothon. With contributions of $20/$30 dollars for each half hour during the 31 hours, and having each rider be responsible to raise their $20/$30 for their half-hour or $50 for one hour, the Pedal for Power program will definitely keep more families warm this winter. Below is the donation scale to be able to participate in this great event.

$20 per half hour – Midnight- 6am only

$40 per hour – Midnight- 6am only

$30 per half hour – All other times

$50 per hour – All other times

Donating a spinner or treadmill for use during the entire Radiothon can also count as the rider's contribution.

As long as each rider from your bike club has contributed the minimum donation, your club will receive a $100 Continental Bike Shop gift card. Then the two individual riders with the highest amount of donations will each receive their own $100 Continental Bike Shop gift card.

Pledging: I know that it's hard to come up with extra money these days, but that means THAW needs more help than ever too. The riders can pledge for their minimum donation, so I've attached a pledge sheet for that purpose. I don't want to discourage anyone from riding or not riding as long as they'd like. I still need the bike to be occupied for the entire 31 hours, so just let me know if there are some special cases where the rider can't come up with the funds.

Ways to Donate: You can collect the money from your riders and bring the lump sum to the Radiothon. The individual riders can bring their donation to the Radiothon. Riders can go to and donate with a credit card online. The website will list all the contributors by name as long as they don't click the "Anonymous" box. I want to be able to see their names, so I can keep track of who has the most, to win the gift card.

Online Rider Sign-Up: I've created an online sign up for all of the riders. I've pasted a link below that will take you to the WWJ website, where the rider will have to fill out the registration form. Once you hit submit on the form it automatically takes you to a schedule on I will be collecting the information from both sites and matching them up. Please let me know if you have any troubles with either website.

We know this has come together at such notice but we need riders signed up by 01/31/09

Currently I (Andy) have registered for the 6:30pm Friday time slot and the 10:30 am Saturday time slot. Please join me around those times and use the links provided to register. This is completely different then what has happened in the past years and a new location at the Motor City Casino Hotel. I did register as a team using to allow us to raise money as a group. You will see my name and all others registered when you go to the respective sites provided. (Yadayada)I know nothing more then the info provided so please read carefully.

Thanks again for all your support in this project.

Andy Staub

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A great old bike race story retold

Below is a email conversation I am re-posting per Andy's suggestion. John Schrams buddy Steve found this picture & turns out Andy Staub is in the pic. It's a small world. Enjoy

That's why biking is so cool is stories like this one below! Pretty similar to my Ice Man story for this year. The motto is Push Yourself, you will surprise yourself!


On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Andy Staub wrote:

Maybe you can share this with our friends. That pic was taken at the Stony marathon and I raced as a 40 yr old beginner I believe. I was on time for the race and registered that day. I took my bib number and ankle chip back to my car to gear up and get ready. When getting in line for the race behind the younger categories. Our group was about 5 minutes away from start when I realized I left my ankle chip back in the car. I made a mad dash for the car to grab it. When riding back to the start line I heard the gun go off for my group. I was about 100 yards away when all of my group were leaving. Instead of stopping to talk to the officials to explain I just kept on pumping and all I remember was Bill Rushford from Tailwinds saying "Go get 'em Andy". This was about my third race of 06 after racing two in 05. Before that I had only raced a few times in the 90's only to be discouraged and frustrated. I had no idea Bill knew who I was so that gave me a huge boost. I was only so familiar with Stony at the time so I was a little raw. After crossing the start line a few minutes before the next age group, I had my work cut out for me. "How am I going to do two laps of this!" That was my only thought. I just kept hammering and did my best to stay on my bike. During the second lap I calmed down a little and started to catch some of the guys in my group. Little by little I was catching up. I never saw the first two guys obviously and by the end of the second lap I had no idea where I stood. I was really surprised (even as a beginner) to see that I had finished third.

The raffles after the race were great too. I won some prizes that I still use regularly.

Great to have those memories documented for me to recall. Thanks to who ever found it.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 CPS Races (pending review)

2009 CPS Races (pending review)

04/19 - Yankee Springs Western Chapter Benefit - Time Trial [register]
05/03 - Fort Custer Chapter Benefit - XC [register]
06/07 - Hanson Hills Challenge - XC [register]
07/11 - Boyne Challenge (Double Points!) - Marathon XC [register]
07/26 - Stony Creek Time Trial - Time Trial [register]
08/22 - Maybury Chapter Benefit - XC [register]
09/13 - Addison Oaks Chapter Benefit - XC [register]
09/27 - Pando Challenge - XC [register]

MMBA Annual Meeitng

This might be fun - has a swap meet too.

Dave Joins Precision Mtb Racing Team

Hey everyone - I am pleased to announce I have joined the Precision MTB Racing Team. I am looking forward to racing this year and expanding my experience. BTT Andy is also on the team. I'm so ready to be riding outside in a short sleave shirt. The rollers are nice BUT...............


Here is a link to their website

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ski Trip Update

Its not biking but it's one heck of a workout. Steve D & I spent this weekend Skiing in Utah. Steve has been Skiing locally & it has been since high school for me. We had a BLAST. We were in town during the Sundance Film Festival as well & got to take in the sights sounds, and a screening thanks to Ben, our gracious A Ski Team Member. Steve, Vadim, and I formed the B Team. Check out the pictures below.

Dave & Steve

2009-01-18 Utah Skiing Deer Valley

2009-01-17 Utah Skiing Snowbird

2009-01-16 Utah Skiing Alta