Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First tandem trail ride GPS

We did a partial marathon loop @ stony riding from home via Bear Creek. It's taking some getting used to having a gears and front suspension with no lock out. We had a blast

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Man Cave - Makeover

Much thanks to John S. We did a bunch of Man Cave maintenance last night. Got the bikes organized. Notice the empty spot for the tricross. You can see the attention to detail with the bike stand neatly tucked under the shelf, you can't see it in the picture but there are 2 Opps holes 2" above the current hook locations. The hooks are even color coated, fun time!

Thanks John, your the Ty Pennington of garage extreme makeovers!

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Ride Report - First BTT ride on the Tandem

Shelby & I got our first ride under our belts last Saturday. Picture at left of Shelby enjoying a snack along the Detroit River. Click here for the GPS loop. It was another magical BTT ride. I was a little off my game as it was the maiden voyage for loading the tandem that early in the morning. I've gotten automatic loading the tri-cross, the tandem is really a 2 person load regardless of what the rack advertising says. The roof mounted Yakama was still not optimally setup and the cross bars were too close. This bike weighs 46 lbs and its 8ft long. I was not super confidant that it was going to stay attached at the 9 mile curve on I-75 as we heading downtown. We picked up John S on the way down and we took turns looking out the sunroof to make sure our sail was still attached. We made it to fort wayne with no issues.

Shelby & I loaded up and made a few last minute adjustments. Thru Axel in place we were ready to go. We quickly realized that this thing will move and hit 32 mpg heading towards the train depot. Cobo roof was fun and got the heart rate up fast. Belle Isle was a blast and everyone seemed comfortable tucking in behind the giant sail for a rest. The gold cup hydroplane races were in town and they were practicing as we circled the Isle. The weather was amazing and Los Galanes came through as usual. All in all a great time. Looking forward to getting out on the trails and figuring this thing out some more. This bike is one that really needs a name. We are looking for suggestions on what to name her.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Tandem Arrived today

Well expectantly the tandem arrived today safe and sound. Much thanks to Alex at for his help in putting this together. You can tell it was assembled with care and thoughtfulness.

I ended up putting together the roof rack in the rain (not a fast process) but finally got it on the roof and bike attached. More pictures here.

By the time I picked up Lauren did a food stop and got home, installed pedals our test ride did not happen till 10:30 ish in the dark. We cruised around the sub and the bike felt great, very smooth, didn't feel all of it's 46 lbs. I think the 29er is going to be very helpful in this application. Shelby navigated the clip ins for the first time without a hitch. Were excited to do BTT this weekend and looking forward to some trail riding this weekend and maybe a ride into DQ via the trail. Thanks to Zack, Ryan & the team @ KLM Bike and Fitness for allowing me to ship this direct to them and doing the shipping assembly for us, you guys ROCK.

Were excited to have some fun together on our new rig. Planning on Iceman and Tree Farm Relay so far.


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