Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lumberjack 100

Hey guys - anybody interested in doing this. Andy sent me the info and I'm willing to give it a go & have blocked of the date on my schedule.


Founders Brewing Company
presents the Lumberjack 100 and the Michigan Ultra Single Speed Championship. Michigan’s only 100-mile mountain bike race! The Lumberjack 100 will once again utilize Michigan’s beautiful Manistee National Forest, with a 25-mile loop snaking through the Big-M Ski Area. The Michigan style single track; composed mostly of hard pack trail, occasional sandy sections, and fast rolling terrain offers twists and turns that demand constant power, and total concentration as the trails quickly turn to nothing more than green blurs of forest. (If you’re expecting easy, fire-road coasting, look elsewhere!) Ninety nine percent of the 25-mile, 4-lap race is comprised of this single track that will eventually push racers over 13,000 feet of total elevation gain.

From the pro/elite racers, to those that will find victory in just surviving a race like the Founders Lumberjack 100, the post-race party has also made this a must-be-there event for both racers and spectators alike. In addition to enjoying the fine brews of signature sponsor Founders Brewery; there will also be a post-race raffle loaded with a variety of prizes. Including a Cannondale Rush frameset, Velocity wheelset, Thomson Elite seat posts and stems, and enough other bike schwag that practically no racer goes home empty handed.

The Founders Lumberjack 100 is proud to be a stop on the National Ultra-Endurance Mountain Bike 100 Series.

$125 entry fee includes: the race, aid station, event t-shirt, pint glass, post-race meal and Founders Ale!

Early Registration: $125.00
After May 5th: $150.00
No refund of any kind will be allowed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Official Thanksgiving Day Group Photo is available

This is the official picture from Robert's Blog on the far right of the picture you can see my car but I can't find any of us, we are mixed in with the red blob but the car proves our attendance.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Ride

The sign says it all!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bald Mt & Addison Oaks Loop today

Hey BERC brethren! John Schram & I had a great snow tour today. Below is the GPS, we got in a little over 25 miles together & add 6 or so for John in additional commuting. There was as much (maybe a bit more) snow that PLRA on turkey day but less traveled so it was interesting for sure. We hooked up at my place and accessed BMN off Conclin road and followed the Massive Fallout loop from there. Enjoy the beautiful day. Shout out to Andy - How was Mayberry this am? I need Chili Kilies!!!

Bald Mt North & Addison Oaks Loop

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Ride

I am thankful I made it through the ride today. I'm going to sleep well tonight. Honestly it pushed me pretty hard. The SS was challenging with the limited traction. I was in and out of my clips so much I ripped my shoe covers. This was my second snow ride, the first being last night. Talk about a crash course. The entire trail was snow covered and not just a dusting. It was a riot and as a first timer it seemed to be a great turn out. Here is a link to Robert's blog that hosted today. We had a blast, James, Jimmy, Dan, Don, Andy, Pablo, John were all there. Mrs. Gonway and Mrs. Dworack canceled at the last minute due to inability to get there butts out of bed.

Click here to see the pictures I took today and here for the GPS of the ride. (check out the player functionality Garmin added)

2009 MTB Race Team Decision

Since many of us are interesting in racing next year, I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog on the various teams that we might consider.

Obviously, we are going to be more of a recreational racer type, than hard core racers who have oodles of time to train.

Maybe those interested can each research the possible teams and then we can make decisions from there.  I am thinking that we all probably want to be on the same team, but if opinions differ on that then let's talk about that too.

The teams that I have heard about so far are:  Precision (through Dave Smith and BTT Andy), RBS, and Greyhounds.  These teams allow recreational racers.  I am sure there are others:  TrailsEdge, KLM, American Cycle & Fitness, Team Sandbag, Rochester Mills??

Anyway, I think we need to look at the different qualities we want in a team:  

1. location:  should the shop be close to Rochester Hills? I personally think so; I have been loyal to RBS, but I know that Dave is non-plussed by them and I understand why.  I really think the convenience factor is very important here-- nothing worse than needing a part and having to rearrange your life to find time to drive to BFE to get it.  For instance, I find KLM to be the most convenient for this since they are pretty close for everybody and are always open, including on Sundays.
2. other people on the team or from the shop that can give us the inside scoop  
3.  bike and kit discount
4. racing jersey and kit purchase requirements (some of the more casual riders from our group are not likely to want to shell out big $$$$ for kit that they will only occasionally wear); also we should make sure that the kit is good stuff, especially since we will be expected to wear it to lots of events
5. cost to join
6. other perks:  nutrition and training regimes, training classes, organized group rides (from what I read, the best way to get faster and better is to ride with people that are faster and better than oneself).

Those are my thoughts for now.  Please post up to let me know your thoughts on other criteria to examine in reviewing the teams and please post up other teams that we should consider.

Blogging By Mobile Device

As I figure it, why not find more uses for the crackberry. I could not use the mms mobile blogger. I have T-Mobile as my wireless carrier, so instead I had to set it up by email.

This is my first attempt at mobile blogging.

Stony Night Ride

Last nights ride was a smashing success. Only have a minute to post because I gotta get rolling for our Pontiac Lake Turkey Roll Ride. Here is a link to the Pictures from the ride.

Below is the GPS link. Post up it was a blast.


Stony Night Ride - With Roller Coaster

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Night Ride Surprise

Alright, so I could not make the 8 pm  start time for tonight's ride; instead, I am going to surprise them by showing up at MBS if I can just pull on all the gear and get out the door.  The first 100 yards are the hardest.  We'll see.

And if Dave has this blog so wired that it pops on his crackberry and ruins the surprise, I'll kill him...

BERC Ride 11/26/08

Dudes - We have a great ride planned tonight. We have Paul, Pablo, Steve, Matt, John and yours truly confirmed. It should be pretty in the woods. Here is a pic from a few weeks ago when Jeff joined us. We will have a flashlight taper with us tonight too. 8:45 at the fence. See you tonight Planning on stopping by Mind Body Spirits for our refreshments.

GPS from our last ride