Monday, November 8, 2010

Iceman 2010

We made it! Shelby & I completed the 2010 Iceman together! It was 20 Degrees when we left and muddy when we finished. A huge thank you to Mellisa & Paul for helping get Shelby properly outfitted with gear. Bikes seem to have been crashing all around us including one tandem that passed us and not 500ft further up we passed them off the trail in a wreck. The ice was particularly unnerving for me and Shelby was not a big fan of the downhills. At the end Shelby was saying "come on Dad, we can do it, let's not walk up this hill". She is an amazing young Lady and inspiring to me. It was very challenging both mentally and physically and to experience it with my Daughter was truly a blessing. Got to hang out with my buddy John and we were 3 for 3 on the food stops on the trip. Riverfront for a burger in Glen Arbor Friday. Tim was kind enough to let us eat in a closed section of the restaurant as they are carry out only that time of year. It was John's first Riverfront burger and not his last I suspect. Went to Cherry Street Market in Kalkaska for fresh made to order Deli sandwiches and fixings after the race Saturday. If you haven't tried it you need to. We topped it off with breakfast Sunday at the Omelette Shoppe in TC. no chain food the whole weekend, YEA. Back to the race: The other racers were SO encouraging to us. Almost everyone that passed shared words of encouragement. On one hill a rider pushed us that last little bit, that was so cool! We went to the party at the school house again and enjoyed the great food put on by the Jeff and Christina. Shelby love the soup! Can't wait till next year whatever that may bring! Here is a link to the GPS of our race - dave