Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stony Time Trial

Shelby rocked the tandem today at Stony.  I had a blast & Shelby did somewhere deep inside!  She was a champ.  We ended up 2nd out of 3 tandem teams entered in the event.  The course was dry and fast.  We made all the water crossings and had a few slow speed corner slide outs.  At one point the rear skewer came loose and the rear wheel was slopping around.  A quick fix and no damage done thankfully.  It was great to see a bunch of precisionmtb team mates at the race.  Jim Senska rocked the single speed with a 1st place, way to go Jim.  John S finished strong and the rest of the team did well as far as I know at this point.  I checked the tailwinds site and the results are not posted yet. 

Here is a link to the GPS of the race.  We commuted to and from the race from home.  Great day!  Lots of fun & I'm super proud of Shelby!  Here is a link to the pictures.  Click Here

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